Level 5 Services

Level 5 Services is a premium provider of training, facilitation, and consultation services in the upper Midwest region.  Located in Crookston, MN, Level 5 Services serves the healthcare, social service, law enforcement, faith-based, and education sectors with high-quality products and services.  Many of our topics and services are also delivered in community and business settings.  You can find a list of training topics on the “Training Topics” page, and a list of our other services on the “Mission and Scope”  page.

What does “Level 5” signify?

Both John Maxwell and Jim Collins have written and spoken on the idea of level 5 leadership.  While many people in leadership rise to the fourth level and are effective managers, there is another level of leadership that is seen less often.  Level 5 leaders are characterized by several distinguishing character qualities, of which two stand out as most prominent.  One is what is often referred to as furious resolve, meaning the leader is unstoppable in the resolve to see the enterprise and the people in it thrive and succeed to the fullest extent possible.  The other is a seemingly paradoxical humility that puts the enterprise and especially the people in it above the leader’s own interests.  This combination of furious resolve and paradoxical humility makes the Level 5 leader a transformational leader. Such leadership is positively and profoundly influential to the enterprise.

It is to this level of leadership that Level 5 Services aspires.

Who is Level 5 Services?

Timothy Denney, MS, is the principal trainer and consultant at Level 5 Services.  A graduate of Biola University in the far-distant past and more recently Fresno State University, Tim has worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, training director and administrative staff member at Northwestern Mental Health.  Other jobs on his resume include directing a non-profit organization, ministry professional, rock climbing instructor and wilderness guide, and personal security professional.

The focus of Tim’s work over the last decade has been to improve services for all people of the region, especially for people with disabilities.  He has worked to develop regional system improvement initiatives that include faith-based, education, primary care, law enforcement, corrections, and human service providers throughout NW Minnesota.

Tim is a certified trainer in Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Psychological First Aid, Skills for Psychological Recovery, and Question, Persuade, Refer (suicide prevention).  He also provides training in several non-mental health related areas such as leadership development, community development, and operational security.   Tim also provides consultation services and facilitation for strategic planning.

Tim has lived northwestern Minnesota since 2007. He enjoys biking, wilderness exploration, and hanging with his friends and his dog, Jackson.  And yes, he’s a blogger. You can find his other blog at 1pursuit.org.

Image via author, from Muir Pass, Sierra Nevada