Mission and Scope

Mission Statement

Level 5 Services exists to make communities healthier, stronger, and more effective in terms of physical and economic vitality, emotional and behavioral health, and spiritual and relational connectedness.  This mission is expressed in a focus on possibilities over problems, encouraging positive narratives, and working to bring out the strength, wisdom, and hope resident within each person and each community. This mission is accomplished through the application of best practices in training, facilitation, consultation, and social connection.

Scope of Products and Services

Level 5 Services provides training services for organizations, businesses, and communities, including keynote addresses and training experiences in areas such as the following (not a complete list of training topics).

  • Mental health topics, including trauma impacts, mental health identification and awareness, mental health first aid, and suicide prevention. These are provided with specific application to law enforcement, educators, community groups, primary care, and faith-based entities.
  • Leadership development topics, including adaptive leadership practices and personal leadership vision and skills.
  • Faith-based topics including integration of faith and practice, development and leadership of effective faith-based initiatives, and pulpit supply.
  • Personal and operational security training for individual citizens as well as for professionals in fields such as primary care, social services, and business.
  • Culturally responsive services and business practices as they relate to the dynamics of difference found in increasingly diverse communities.

Level 5 Services provides facilitation processes for strategic envisioning and planning, change initiatives for organizations, and community-based change initiatives. These can range from two-hour facilitated meetings to complete system-change initiatives requiring teams and collaborative efforts across communities and regions.

Level 5 Services will provide consultation to individuals and organizations related to the development of vision, mission, strategies, and to more effectively meet the leadership challenges of change processes.

Image via Timothy Denney