The Buzz

Here is a sampling of responses from participants in Level 5 Services events.

Team-building facilitation.

  • Tim is a good “discussionist”.
  • I was very pleased with Tim’s approach and messages. Some difficult topics, but he was able to pull it together effectively.
  • Excellent sessions. Greatly exceeded my expectations.
  • Very satisfied with the tools Tim provided for personal as well as group growth.
  • Highly satisfied
  • The workshop was very well done. Tim’s discussion points, insights and advice were spot on.
  • I think the workshop was very helpful. The information that was presented is something that I could use in my daily life whether at home or at work.

Suicide prevention training events.

  • The training should be mandatory for all adults just like premarital counseling or Lamaze.
  • Very interesting.
  • All the examples and stories were helpful.
  • Excellent information for everyone.   If more people were trained think of who we could help!
  • Helpful-lots of wonderful information, insights and great advice.

Mental Health training for the workplace

  • “This was the best training that I have ever gone to!”
  • “Thank you so much for bringing this training to the plant!”
  • “Excellent training!”
  • “I had to meet with several employees at one time today in my office.  They are typically very difficult to deal with.  I used some of the things that I learned today and it went much better than I thought!”
  • “Are you going to have another training?”
  • “I would love to come to this training.”
  • “I would like to attend this training again with my Leads!”

Mental Health First Aid training events.