Resilience: Protecting That Brain!

If you think you might be overreactive to stress-related events, strengthening your own brain can help you recover better functioning.  See a previous post on this topic here. Additional benefits gained from strengthening one’s brain include: Strengthens the blood-brain barrier, which keeps harmful substances (such as inflammatory agents and toxins) from reaching the brain Influences … Continue reading Resilience: Protecting That Brain!

Resilience Through Social Connection

When going through difficult times it is easy to let our social connections suffer.  Letting these connections weaken can interfere with recovery from stress. What can we do to maintain healthy social connections in stressful passages in life?  First the benefits.  Maintaining healthy social connections has been shown to have several well-being benefits. It can … Continue reading Resilience Through Social Connection

Tools for Tough Times: Shedding Stress

Why shed stress and harmful emotions? They have a negative impact on us physically, and that impact can build up over timeUnremitting stress, anger, anxiety, or bitterness can “rewire” our brains and predispose us to reactions that we neither want nor needIf left unmanaged and unresolved, they can damage our relationships at home, work, and … Continue reading Tools for Tough Times: Shedding Stress

Tools for Tough Times: P.T.G.

Today’s post comes from a digital event May 11, 2021, entitled, “Understanding the Post-Traumatic Growth Model,” with Jonathan Bundt. This event was hosted by a healthcare emergency management coalition in Minnesota, of which I am a partner. The transformative power of human suffering has been a common understanding from antiquity to the present.  Judaism, Christianity, … Continue reading Tools for Tough Times: P.T.G.

Tools for Tough Times: Coping With Loss

Today's TTT information come from a digital event with Dr. Jill Morris on the topic of "Coping with Loss." The event was hosted by a healthcare emergency management network on April 27, 2021, and focused coping with the vicarious trauma and ambiguous loss experienced by healthcare workers and others during the ongoing pandemic. Dr. Morris … Continue reading Tools for Tough Times: Coping With Loss

Strategic Resilience Building, Part One

“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.”― Gever Tulley “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” ― Margaret Thatcher Building resilience is one of the most important long-term objectives toward which a person can commit.  Resilience improves our capacity to … Continue reading Strategic Resilience Building, Part One