Checking Your Emotional Temp

When you’re in an emotionally charged environment at work, at home, or in the community, identifying and labeling your emotions is recognized as the first step in managing them effectively.  If you identify and label your emotions—both positive and negative—out loud or perhaps simply in your conscious thoughts, you open pathways for more effective emotional … Continue reading Checking Your Emotional Temp

Resilience Builds Positivity and Hope

Resilience has been defined as “…one’s ability to cope with stress and adversity, and to bounce back and possibly grow through the experience. More than simply surviving difficulty, stress, and setback, it is sometimes referred to as “thriving.” Resilience can also include the ability to adapt to difficult situations, manage the emotional fallout from them, … Continue reading Resilience Builds Positivity and Hope

Resilience Through Social Connection

When going through difficult times it is easy to let our social connections suffer.  Letting these connections weaken can interfere with recovery from stress. What can we do to maintain healthy social connections in stressful passages in life?  First the benefits.  Maintaining healthy social connections has been shown to have several well-being benefits. It can … Continue reading Resilience Through Social Connection