Life on the Northern Plains

Here is a bit of what keeps us going through the winter on the Northern Plains.  We are told we will be enjoying 10 or more major snow events this year.  We are also told it will likely be colder this year than last year.  Last winter was punctuated by several cold snaps in the range or -30 to -40 degrees.  You folks in Alaska can roll your eyes, because if you live at Healy or further north, this would be a normal winter.  Just to note, however: we had several days last winter during which is was 20 or more degrees colder here than at McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica.

When I was preparing to leave California to live here, my father asked me where it was to which I was moving.  I told him, and he was thoughtful for a moment before responding, “I think the only thing between that place and the North Pole is a barbed-wire fence.”

My father was a wise man.


Crookston Snow


(Photos via and Face Book)

2 thoughts on “Life on the Northern Plains

  1. Yes, your dad was a wise man…not many finer. A real bright spot in my life as a young man…and a guy who could make a mean green eggs and ham…😎

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