Resilience: Protecting That Brain!

If you think you might be overreactive to stress-related events, strengthening your own brain can help you recover better functioning.  See a previous post on this topic here. Additional benefits gained from strengthening one’s brain include: Strengthens the blood-brain barrier, which keeps harmful substances (such as inflammatory agents and toxins) from reaching the brain Influences … Continue reading Resilience: Protecting That Brain!

Tools for Tough Times: Mind the Gap

We are living and working in a world of uncertainties. Disruption, unending difficulties and having every hopeful question answered with a firm “no, not yet,” have been our fare for 20 months.  Most of us are conditioned to react automatically to the circumstances that occasion our emotional responses. Our sense of emotional equilibrium is usually … Continue reading Tools for Tough Times: Mind the Gap

Tools for Tough Times: Shedding Stress

Why shed stress and harmful emotions? They have a negative impact on us physically, and that impact can build up over timeUnremitting stress, anger, anxiety, or bitterness can “rewire” our brains and predispose us to reactions that we neither want nor needIf left unmanaged and unresolved, they can damage our relationships at home, work, and … Continue reading Tools for Tough Times: Shedding Stress