The Pause That Refreshes

Ninety-eight years ago, Coca-Cola rolled out a slogan for advertising their product; “the pause that refreshes.”  That slogan was in the Coke line-up for much of the 20th century.

A few weeks ago I introduced a similar idea, the “One Minute Pause” (OMP). The OMP is taking a minute to interrupt your negative emotions or thoughts long enough to release stressful energy and create healthy, grateful, positive thinking.  This is often difficult to remember until you have it as a routine.  Following are some hacks to build the OMP into your daily routine. 

Reminders – Certain events can become reminders to take that OMP to challenge negativity and engage positivity.

  • Schedule changes in your day – every change creates a moment to pause, lay aside the negatives, and reflect on the positives.
  • Bathroom breaks – taking time for physical needs is a good time to care for you cognitive, spiritual, and emotional needs as well.  Focus on these needs as you manage other needs.
  • Work breaks (what are those?) – snack and meal breaks, smoke breaks, hallway walks can all be used to reframe and refocus from negative to positive.
  • Stress and tensions – when you feel it, deal with it with an OMP.
  • Self-check your emotions – is anger, frustration, or hopelessness welling up in you?  Do the OMP and focus on that which will refresh and encourage you.

Routines – routines can be repurposed into time to pause, reframe, and reflect on the good around you.

  • Coffee time – it takes time to brew some joe.  Repurpose waiting into a pause that refreshes.  Microwaves do the same thing.
  • Starting the car – while waiting for it to warm up, work through positive affirmations, gratitude, prayers, or other positive exercises. Do it every time.
  • Driving – when the radio is off, the quiet on the road can be a time of releasing, reframing, and refocusing. A 15-minute drive can be a 15-minute pause that refreshes.
  • Showering (toothcare, haircare, etc.) – these routines are excellent times to level-set your thinking, emotions, and spiritual self for the time that is ahead of you.
  • People – when you interact with others, turn that interaction into a pause that refreshes by focusing on positive themes and words with others.
  • Dog walks – furry friends are a great excuse to get out and release, reframe, and refocus. You and the beast are refreshed…but watch for the ice!
  • Family – spend time in positive conversations about hopeful, grateful, and meaningful things.  Make it a habit.  My family would sit outside every night the moon came up over the ridge.  We sat together, talked together, laughed together, and were silent together.  It was a favorite time for all of us and was a great refreshment to us.

What are your routines that could be repurposed and repackaged into time to release, reframe, and refocus your mind, emotions, and spirit?  Whether it is for a minute or an hour, it will be time well spent, for it will refresh your soul.

Image via author, wilderness in Yosemite National Park back county.

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