Finally Friday!

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Happy Friday to everyone!

For what are you grateful this fine Friday morning?  Gratitude is one of the most healthy emotions you can develop.

Yep.  Develop.

You see, we can choose gratitude, speak our way into gratitude, and watch as it becomes our emotional base for daily thought and interactions.

Speaking into gratitude.  What if you simply began to speak in grateful terms.  for the day.  For your food.  for your opportunities and your difficulties.  Yes, your difficulties are gifts as well.


Try this: speak with sincere gratitude to the people who wait on me or serve my in a business.  Rather than simply mumble a quick “thanks” and head for the door, I make eye contact and tell them how grateful I am for their service and give them specific reasons for my gratitude.

You should see the smiles this brings to others.  Happy Grateful Friday!

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